General conditions

     1. Access  admittance

Supercheria has the right to exclusively restrict the access to the online shop to wholesale customers. Professionals wishing to use the online shop services must register, accept the general conditions and apply to be ratified as an authorized user by Supercheria. In order to read the price list, user/customer registration is required. The customer identification is composed of a username and password. This password is exclusive and non-transferable; its use by a third party is prohibited. Therefore, the registered customer will be committed to make a diligent and correct use of the identification keeping it secret and assuming the total responsibility resulting of its disclosure.

     2. Customers and user duties

In general terms, users are bound to fulfill the present general conditions, so as the special warnings and directions for use contained in them or in the website. The users must always act according to the law, good manners and good faith, refraining themselves from using the website in any way that may stop, hinder or damage the correct operation of the site, Supercheria’s rights and properties, suppliers, other user or third party. This website is restricted to minors without parents’ consent. Supercheria is not responsible for the information, its truthfulness or exactness given by users and it will not be able to identify user's age.

Concretely and without implying any restrictions to the previous section, the user is compelled to:

  • To provide truthful data requested on the user registration form, on the order form and to update this information if necessary.
  • Not to introduce, store, spread from the website any information that might result slanderous, insulting, obscene, threatening, xenophobic or might incite to violence or discrimination by means of race, sex, ideology, religion or any other way that might attempt on morals, law and order, fundamental rights, public freedom, honor, privacy or any other third person’s image that might act generally against the actual standard rule.
  • Not to introduce, store or spread through the online shop any program, data, virus, code or any other electronic or physical device which may cause any damage to the website, its services or equipment, systems or network servers, users, Supercheria's suppliers or, generally, to any other third party.
  • To diligently keep the username and password given to Supercheria assuming all responsibility for any damage or harm which may derive from an improper use of them.
  • Not to disclose any publicity activities or commercial operations through this website and not to use its contents and information for publicity, or to send messages with any other commercial purposes, either to collect or store personal data from a third party.
  • Not to take false identity using the website or any other of its services, including any password or access from third persons or any other way.
  • Not to destroy, alter or damage the data, information, programs or electronic documents belonging to Supercheria, its suppliers or others.
  • Not to introduce, store or disclose, through the shop, any content which may contravene the rights of intellectual or industrial property, or management secrets, either any other content without having, according to law, the right to use it to others.
  • Customers will be committed to facilitate an address for delivery of their requested orders within the usual commercial delivery timetables. Customer default on this obligation will not make Supercheria responsible for any delay or over the failure of delivery of orders.


     3. Terms of sale

The service procurement takes place via our website, therefore, the customer registration as a user is needed. The content of our website is a business invitation. The contract will not be valid until Supercheria accept the order (although the payment had taken place).  If the order is not accepted, the payment will be refunded in its totality. After clicking “buy”, the customer will receive an email as acknowledge of receipt. This email will not imply that the order is accepted since it is an offer of the customer to purchase our goods. The orders are subject to our checking and acceptance. Supercheria will confirm the order acceptance by an email of delivery confirmation. The contract between Supercheria and the customer will only be valid after the delivery confirmation. During the process, only the goods related to the delivery confirmation are subject to the contract. Supercheria will not be bound to supply any other goods to the customer until a new delivery confirmation is received. Supercheria can deny orders which do not present sufficient warranty of credit, or that may result incomplete/incorrect, or in case of no stock, without any legal liability towards the customer or any other third party. In any case, we are compromised to notify the customer and proceed to refund the order payment if this would have been already charged. The order validation of the customer means the awareness and acceptance of these terms of sale. The information and data registered by Supercheria relies as a proof of the transactions between Supercheria and its customers.

     4. Supercheria Stocks

The customer is accepting that the goods available in the Supercheria online shop are stock limited. Therefore, all orders are bound to the present stock in our studio. If an article is not available once the order has been made, Supercheria will inform as soon as possible. At that moment, the customer will be able to modify or cancel the order. Supercheria has the right to modify the goods on this website at any time and without prior warning.

     5. Currency, taxes and payment methods

The prices on our website are shown in Euros. These prices do not include VAT. Although, according to the laws, every purchase in our online shop is bound to Value-Added Tax (VAT). According to Spanish regulations, Supercheria must emit invoices. If you are VAT passive subject (companies, entities, organizations…) and residing in the European Union with an intracommunity IFRS/VAT, you are free of VAT payment. In order to apply this condition you must send the documentation via email to The freight charges will appear on the purchase summary before making the payment.