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  • Stitched leather strips joined by an iron washer. Mounted with 4 colors combined in between.
  • Velvet cord finished off in a metal leaf. Leaf decorated with little balls lined up with fabric.
  • This design is the same one as the "afro necklace" but mounted over a wide silk strip. This change allows us to wear it as a belt or with a front bow. Presented in 5 colors by shades: golden,...
  • Silk ribbon of about 6-8 cm decorated in the middle with a bunch of little lily flowers of the same shade. Presented in two colors. There is the possibility of making it in all of our cart colors....
  • Silk ribbon of about 6-8 cm decorated in the middle with three groups of little lily flowers in different shades. It can be worn as a choker, on the head, as a belt, on the hips,etc..
  • Flower mounted with crepe circles and centered over a tulle. Perfect to be worn as a tidied back tulle headdress or as a belt. Available just in one color: rose nude.
  • Disjointed tulle flower of pale colors mounted over a very light beige elastic polyester net. Perfect to be worn as a headddress.
  • Synthetic polyester cord in a vibrant blue joined in the centre by a sleek silky poppy shaped flower. The center of the flower is decorated by silver pistils. The flower can be move so it can be...
  • Silk ribbon available in three colors: nude, light beige and khaki. Decorated with a central daisy flower. Perfect to wear it on the neck or as a little head ornament.
  • Cotton double rounded necklace making a zig-zag. Decorated with little silk flowers hanging and mounted with wire and little stones. Available in grey, light beige and light orange.
  • Three knotted leather ribbons with its sides decorated by little calla lily shaped flowers. Available in three colors: blue, multicolor and reds. Its length allows us to wear it in multiple ways.
  • Elastic polyester net joined by a tulle flower and unstructure silk. Available in four colors: white & black, red, grey and fuchsia. As it is extensible it can be use as well as a belt.
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