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  • Tulle ribbon decorated with a silk waterlily style flower and leaf on the same shades. Available in different colors. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Tulle ribbons linked in between decorated with small silk flowers on similar shades.
  • Silk cord choker decorated with little lily style flowers of several colors.
  • Silk cord finish off in two flowers also made out of silk with a muslin leaf.
  • Choker made of silk pieces creating a long flower. Available in 40 different colors plus one multicolor.
  • Irregular onions seeds wrapped with 100% silk.  Available in 4 range of colors.  Approx. lenght of closed necklace 60-65 cm.
  • Available in 2 range of color, gold and silver. Mounted with little painted wooden balls and small cotton strips. Approx. lenght of closed necklace 62-63 cm.
  • Braided cotton cord with the possibility to use it as a scarf by turning it 4 times around the neck.  Available in 4 colors. Total opened lenght of 200 cm, closed 100 cm.  IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Braided cotton choker with a frayed edge. Decorated with a bone button. Approx. necklace diameter 28-30cm.
  • 100% silk band. Width 18-20 cm. Length: 175-180 cm. Adorned in the centre with a two-tone lily shaped flower. Available in 5 colors. Can be worn as a necklace, belt, turban as well as a foulard....
  • Fine malleable opened wire wrapped up in silk and decorated with a poppy style flower in the same color range.  It can be worn as a choker or a headdress. Available in 41 colors. Please ask.
  • Padded silk cord, decorated on its edge with a recycled carnation style flower. The flower is always in a multicolor range of color playing with the color of the cord. It can be worn as a necklace,...
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