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  • Wooden chain and pendant.  Two different options: horizontal or vertical. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Cord made of silken threads and strips of different colors.
  • A malleable silken strip with different colored petals.  Available in 64 different colors. In order to see the color references, there are two images to download at the bottom of this site.
  • Silken cord (143-145 cm) with a central flower (diameter 9-10 cm). It can be used as a belt, foulard, headband, and necklace…
  • Necklace of 56-58 cm length. It can be twice rounded. It is mounted on hollow painted seeds, wooden beads and small pieces of cotton. Only one model available. 
  • Ribbon made of silken chiffon with a central flower in two tones. It can be used as bracelet, choker, headpiece, etc. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Headpiece made of a silken flower. It is ideal for a headpiece or flower for the lapel. Check for other color combinations. Diameter: 22-25 cm. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Great silk lily flower on a raffia base of 15/18 cm of diameter. Available in 40 different colors and a multicolor one.
  • Wooden charms necklace with stones in different colors and shapes.
  • Short necklace made out of different patterned muslin/crepe fabrics on a lace. It is available in two tones: reds and blues
  • 20th style silk hat decorated with three varied flowers.
  • Silk cord ended with a calla style flower made of fabrics and silk leafs.  Available in several colors.
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