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  • Chain with a multicolor flower. It can be used as a necklace, choker or belt. Available in three different finishing: Old gold, matt gold and silver. The flower is made of fabrics. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Golden charm necklace finish off in a titanium bell with a silken leaf. Bell tones: blue, yellow, pink, green, red and dark orange.
  • Old gold chain pendant finish off in a bone perfume box with paintings on it.
  • Chain available in three different colors, silver, matt gold and rusted gold. Decorated with a carnation style silk flower and two petals. As it fastens itself with a carabiner style lock can be...
  • Chain with three different optional finishing. Old gold: Reds and Pinks. Matt gold: Goldens and Mustard Yellows. Silver: Grey. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Old gold opened chain finished off in 2 small flowers. Silk flowers adorned with cotton pistils  Ask for other colors available.
  • Chain presented in matt gold and old gold. Carabiner lock. Decorated with chiffon strips in different prints. Available in one color.
  • Opened chain with a carabiner at the end so it can be use as a belt or a double rounded necklace.  Finished off with a sik flower on each end.  Presented in matt gold and old gold. Available in the...
  • Closed up necklace available in 3 colors: matt gold, rusted gold and silver. Decorated with silk spirals in 3 colors of the same range and gathered up in a little wooden ball.
  • Fine old gold colored chain. Wooden pendant and small sections of silk cords in several colors finished off with a stone. It can be worn as a necklace or as a choker.
  • Aluminium chain with carabiner. Three optional termination available : old gold,matt gold and silver. Adorned with a section of silk / poliester circles in different sizes and colors.
  • Aluminium chain adorned in a section with flowers and stones of several colors. Avaible in 4 colors (chain).
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