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  • Necklace made of cotton ribbons decorated with wooden beads of different colors and sizes. It can be used as a necklace, shirtfront or foulard.  
  • Ribbon cotton necklace worked in degradee in different shades. Available colors: blue indigo, fuchsia, black, blood red, pale pink, green billiard and khaki.      
  • River pearl 114 cm long decorated shaped titanium fan seaweed. Silk auctions. Available colors: taupe, pink makeup, gray, beige and green pool.   IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • River pearl presented in gray and beige 180 cm. Multicolor flower chiffon 10/12 cm.  
  • Great silk lily flower on a raffia base of 15/18 cm of diameter. Available in 40 different colors and a multicolor one.
  • Long cotton strips. The center is decorated with silken spiral flowers. The spiral defines the color. To order other colors, contact us. In order to see the color references, there are two images...
  • Old gold chain pendant finish off in a bone perfume box with paintings on it.
  • Golden charm necklace finish off in a titanium bell with a silken leaf. Bell tones: blue, yellow, pink, green, red and dark orange.
  • Old gold opened chain finished off in 2 small flowers. Silk flowers adorned with cotton pistils  Ask for other colors available.
  • Chain presented in matt gold and old gold. Carabiner lock. Decorated with chiffon strips in different prints. Available in one color.
  • Opened chain with a carabiner at the end so it can be use as a belt or a double rounded necklace.  Finished off with a sik flower on each end.  Presented in matt gold and old gold. Available in the...
  • Irregular onions seeds wrapped with 100% silk.  Available in 4 range of colors.  Approx. lenght of closed necklace 60-65 cm.
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