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  • Silk flower brooch of approx. 10-11 cm of diameter. Available in our color chart.
  • Frayed cotton flower. Decorated with an acorn cap in the centre. Fastened at the back with a safety pin. Approx. 11-12 cm of diameter.
  • Rounded silk brooche. Available in two colors and decorated with a lined button in the centre. 2 leafs in different tones. Fastened at the back with a safety pin.
  • Frayed silk flower. Made with 4 petals tight with a small ball. Finished off with 2 leafs and a safety pin at the back. Available in 6 unique colors.
  • Butterfly shaped brooch made with silk and two stones making the body of the butterfly. Silk wings.
  • Brooch made by a silk cord with an inner wire so it can be shaped. Finished off with a silk flower of different colors. It can be fasten by a pin behind the flower.
  • Disjointed flower mounted with little pieces silks of several colors. As this is a recycled product all of them differ from each other.
  • Brooche with pin mounted with remains of chiffon and silk. Recycled product.
  • Waterlily style silk flower brooche of an approx. diameter of 9-10 cm. Available in all of our range of colors.
  • Brooch made with titanium wings and stones creating the body shape of  the butterfly. Avaible in 3 colors.
  • Flower mounted with uneven strips and circles of different colors in the centre. Available in seven colors: mauve, grey, light orange, rusted orange, light yellow, cream and purple. Includes a...
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