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  • Silk cord ended with a calla style flower made of fabrics and silk leafs.  Available in several colors.
  • It can be wear as a foulard or as a shawl.  It is fastened with a rose flower, 10-12 cm diameter.  To order other colors, contact us. IDEAS TO WEAR
  • Tulle ribbon decorated with a silk waterlily style flower and leaf on the same shades. Available in different colors. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Tulle ribbons linked in between decorated with small silk flowers on similar shades.
  • Necklace made of pearls and a tulle ribbon with a waterlily style flower. Available in 40 colors plus a multicolor one. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Silk choker tied with cotton ribbons around it.
  • Silk cord choker decorated with little lily style flowers of several colors.
  • Cotton ribbons pieces of several colors. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Chain available in three different colors, silver, matt gold and rusted gold. Decorated with a carnation style silk flower and two petals. As it fastens itself with a carabiner style lock can be...
  • Silk cord finish off in two flowers also made out of silk with a muslin leaf.
  • Beige pearl necklace (180 cm) with a flower in both endings.  To order other colors, contact us.  Multiple ways of wearing it including belts. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
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