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  • Silk cape gathered up in a choker of the same color or of multiple colors. It can be worn as a little cape or tie both sides on the back.
  • Crossed cape /foulard. It can be worn as a cape ,a neck scarf or a turban. avaible in 5 colors.
  • 100% silk pocket handkerchief of approx 34-35 cm. Avaible in 11 models. Unisex.
  • Short foulard finished off with a flower with a back loop. Available in 44 colors. Please ask. It can be worn around the neck or as a turban.
  • Silk foulard decorated in one of its ends with a Dahlia shaped flower. It includes a back loop to pass on the flower. The flower can vary depending on the foulard base. Presented in three colors....
  • Foulard presented in these three colors: light gold, dark grey and dark blue. Decorated on its ends and on both sides with big colourful circles. Perfect to be worn as a foulard as well as a belt.
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