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  • Necklace made of half tulle and half river pearls. It can be worn as a choker as well as a necklace. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • River pearl necklace decorated with a silk clover shaped flower. Available in 40 colors. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Opened river pearl necklace finished off with two flowers of a color on its side. Available in our color chart. TIPS TO WEAR IT
  • River pearls of 60 cm, total opened length of 120 cm. Decorated with a multiple colors extended silk flower along the necklace. Unique model.
  • River pearl necklace. Can also be worn as a double necklace. Decorated with small silk flowers and leafs and mounted with a golden wire and natural stone. Available in 2 colors. 
  • Beige river pearl necklace, half of it adorned with little colourful silk pieces.
  • Necklace available in 2 shade of pearl: beige or grey Decorated with small sections of silk cord over a wire. It is linked to the pearl by a little silk petal. Its length allows you to wear it...
  • Fine thread of river pearls in either beige or grey. Decorated on each side with a pompom. It can be worn as a double rounded necklace or a belt...for the hair or as a bracelet.
  • Opened river pearl necklace. Available in four colors :grey ,pink, multicolor and reds. It can be worn as a necklace, belt, hair ornament, etc..
  • Opened river pearl necklace finished off by colorful tulle stripes within the same color scheme on each side. I can be worn as choker,necklace,belt , etc.. Avaible in seven colors.
  • River pearl decorated on one side by a small group of little flowers of the same size. Two unique samples: soft tones and vibrant tones. It allows it to be worn double rounded.
  • River pearl decorated on a side by a group of flowers in the same colors ordered from smaller to bigger size.  Presented in three colors. Please ask for other options.  It can be worn as a double...
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