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  • It is decorated with thin strips of fabrics without apparently order.  4 models available: pink and mauve, grey, nature, multicolor.
  • Open necklace with tiny silken tulips in a similar shade. It is decorated with small silken leaves.  Length 62-65.  Flower diameter 3-5 cm. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Pearl decorated with a multicolor chiffon flower. It is available in silver, gold and beige. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Opened pearl necklace. Approx. length of 62-64 cm. Finished off with a calla lily shaped flowers at the edge. Please ask for other colors available. 
  • Necklace made of half tulle and half nacreous flattened shaped pearls. Can be worn as a headdress as well as a choker.  IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • In this necklace made out of resin little balls we have played with the 2 colors on each piece. It is decorated with triangles in the same color range.  Presented in 5 colors.
  • Necklace made of crystal paste pearls decorated with a cotton ribbon and a bow. Both the pearls and the ribbon are in the same color range.  It is hook to the pearl by a cotton bowknot....
  • Crystal paste pearl necklace decorated with a double cotton ribbon in the same color. Decorated with 2 little lily type flower where the pearl ties. Other colors available. Please ask.
  • Glass pearl necklace decorated with a flower made of fabrics in different shades.  To order other colors, contact us. Length 72-75 cm.  Flower diameter 10-12 cm.
  • Medium size pearl decorated with a silk crochet in several tones. Presented in 2 colors: soft silks and coloeful silks. Its length allows it to wear it double rounded.
  • Crystal pearls decorated with small silks balls strips makimg groups. This necklace is another version of the "Libre necklace" but this one includes shorter strips. It allows to be worn double...
  • Thick crystal pearl decorated with a cotton crochet braid. Available in 5 colors: beige, mauve, blue, green and red. It allows it to wear it double rounded.
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