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  • Long cotton strips. The center is decorated with silken spiral flowers. The spiral defines the color. To order other colors, contact us. In order to see the color references, there are two images...
  • Necklace made of cotton stripes in several tones. It ends in knots of different colors. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Silk choker tied with cotton ribbons around it.
  • Cotton ribbons pieces of several colors. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Necklace made out of long cotton stripes decorated with colorful laces. Available in three different colors: Ivory, black and grey.
  • Head ornament/choker made out of several elastic cotton ribbons.  In the centre a carnation flower. IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Cotton ribbons decorated in the centre with two linked flowers. Several wearable possibilities as a belt, as a silk scarf/foulard, as a head ornament and as a necklace.
  • Long cotton strips decorated in the centre with a bone button. It can be worn as a belt, a foulard, a necklace as well as to adorned a hat or a basket. Available in 3 colors.  IDEAS TO WEAR IT
  • Opened cotton ribbon decorated with multiple colorful little pieces. Fun and bright as a necklac to be worn with a casual cleavage. It can also be worn as belt.
  • Cotton ribbons decorated on a side with multiple colors wooden balls. It can be worn as a long bib as well as a foulard by opening the necklace. Presented in 2 colors; beige and black.
  • Elongeted cotton ribbon decorated with different range of silks. Available in 4 colors As it is opened it allows you to wear it as a belt.
  • Cotton ribbon with a hoop lined up with cotton straps of several colors.
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